CSI was founded in 2009, created from the marketing consultancy Short On Ideas, following a interim management consultancy role for a care group.
The industry boasts a wealth of experience and expertise in the clinical arena and in care compliance and management.
However quite understandably, with so many small and medium sized care companies there is an obvious need for experienced marketing to support the strategic market development.

CSI has already brought this added value to the sector and supported many providers in their quest for improved performance, whilst also working with, amongst others, local authorities, building developers and care associaitions.
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Market Intelligence

“Market intelligence cannot simply be built from hearsay and chats with fellow operators.”

Having an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the marketplace within which you operate is a pre-requisite if you are going to profit from your endeavours and investments.

At CSI we have developed our own Care Sector Market Model that measures existing supply, demand and demographics within the target area around a care facility, and predicts what the future holds - up to 20 years ahead, using population and mortality forecasts as well as research undertaken by such organisations as the Alzheimer’s Association with dementia.

Our Market Model has been utilised for the benefit of care operators, investors, building developers, care associations and local authorities.

Intelligent Marketing

“Got a care home? Get a website” an often spoken mantra within the care sector

And this is a good point, as research shows that 75% of first enquiries for a care home are made via the Internet.

But simply having a website is not the solution – a poor website will lose more opportunities than it wins. And a website is not the only marketing tool you need.

CSI brings 30 years of marketing experience from many different markets into the care sector. Most of those “different markets” were marketing led, many of who would not have a clue about running a care organisation.

And so it makes sense that care organisations, whose resources must be focussed on providing quality care, would benefit from marketing support and CSI are on hand to provide intelligent and innovative ideas.

Innovative Training

They say “A picture paints a thousand words” and this is especially important with training.

With so many mandatory training subjects to undertake, there are a lot of words to take in, so at CSI Training we try and use as many images as possible to make sure our training is more easily understood and remembered. This is especially important for those for whom English is not necessarily their first language.

In addition to this our training is delivered by those who have undertaken, or are even still undertaking, a carers role (and received the training themselves) and subsequently qualified to train others; so they can deliver training on a “do as I do” rather than “do as I say” basis.

Reports and Insights

They say “there is not such a thing as a free report” Or was it “a free lunch?”

CSI insists that in-depth market intelligence is key to a successful business in the care sector, and we are no different to any other market – we have our own competitors. So the more we know about the market within which we work, the more of a competitive edge we can attain.

Many of the intelligence we collect is of value to the market, but not necessarily something we could or would want to put a price to. And so we occasionally publish free reports and insights that are available to you.

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